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Testimonials about our courses and conferences


Testimonials of participants that attended ECA courses and conferences.

“The organization of the conference was great! The conference was one of the best I have been to.”
Dawn M. McCabe
Manager, Inspection Management, Quality Risk Management and Compliance
Allergan, Florida, USA
Understand European GMPs and the Role of the Qualified Person
August/September 2016, Boston, MA, USA

“Very interesting course and very useful for my particular duties. All presenters very knowledgeable and very friendly.“
Eva Maria Malnovicz, M.A., M.Sc.
GMP Quality Program Manager
Takeda, Massachusetts, USA
Understand European GMPs and the Role of the Qualified Person
August/September 2016, Boston, MA, USA

“I would like to thank you for the interesting and exhaustive course.“
Dr. Michela Palmisano
MolMed S.p.A., Italy
Stability Testing for Biological/Biotechnological Drug Substances and Drug Products
June 2016

“Good mixture between lecture and workshops.“
Margit Watervall
CSL Behring, Switzerland
Complaint Handling and Recall Management
May 2016

“Thanks for great opportunity for improving my knowledge and change experience! Excellent Organization!”
Iryna Martynchyk
JSC Pharmaceutical Firm Darnitsa, Ukraine
QP Education Course
May 2016

“Everything, course, lecture, workshops were great.”
Nisha Thadathil
Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Europe B V, The Netherlands
QP Education Course
May 2016

“Good and very professional.”
Corinne Chemouny
Taro Pharmaceuticals Industries Ltd., Israel
QP Education Course
May 2016

“Everything was splendid.”
Nicoleta Mindrut
Zentiva, Romania
QP Education Course
May 2016

“Excellent trainers, full of knowledge and experience. Thanks!”
Natasa Kalanj
Hemofarm AD, Serbia
Efficient Batch Record Design and Review
April 2016

“It was a pleasure to be present in this conference.”
Sergio Guerreiro
Iberfar, Industria Farmaceutica SA, Portugal
GMP for Equipment, Utilities and Facilities
March 2016

“Very interesting course. Not too broad nor too specific. Good level of speakers / talks.”
Dr. Raf De Dier
Cilag AG, Switzerland
GMP for Equipment, Utilities and Facilities
March 2016

“Great course!”
Peter Dalsgaard Mønsted
Region Sjælland Sygehusapoteket, Denmark
GMP for Equipment, Utilities and Facilities
March 2016

“All of my expectations were fully satisfied.”
Violeta Dinic Milisavljevic, Head of the Production Department
Alkaloid D.O.O., Serbia
Statistical Proces Control – A key tool for process understanding in the process validation life cycle
February 2016

“It was definitely a very interesting & helpful course.”
John Mekkattu, Manager Quality Assurance
Acino Pharma AG, Switzerland
Pharmaceutical Contracts
February 2016

“Congrats for the event!”
Stefan-Razvan Tataru
S.C. Antibiotice SA, Romania
Pharmaceutical Contracts
February 2016

“This is a huge topic to cover everything well-detailed in two days. Thanks.”
Gyöngyi Gosztonyi
TEVA Pharmaceutical Works Private Ltd., Hungary
Cleaning Validation
February 2016

“It 's great being member in ECA and taking part in seminars like the one I attended in Berlin.”
Evangelos Koustoumpardis
ELPEN Pharmaceutical Co. Inc., Greece
Cleaning Validation
February 2016

“All was perfect (with a nice design). Thank you very much for this course.”
Dr. Bratoljic-Melkay
Janssen Vaccines AG, Switzerland
The GMP Auditor
November 2015

“It was a very helpful training overall. Brought great discussion. This was a helpful exercise.”
Sonya Meheux
Cytonet LLC, USA
GMP-compliant Product Transfer
October 2015

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