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Personal data at Concept Heidelberg GmbH
Concept Heidelberg GmbH has been entrusted by the ECA Foundation to support them with administrative services.

Introduction – what is personal data?
In certain cases, personal data is disclosed in conjunction with contacts with the Concept Heidelberg GmbH. ”Personal data” means all type of information, which directly or indirectly can be related to a natural person who is alive. Concept Heidelberg GmbH is controller and responsible for the handling of personal data provided via Presented below is a description of the guidelines applied by Concept Heidelberg GmbH with respect to the processing of personal data etc. Additional guidelines may apply in particular cases. The guidelines do not restrict the rights set forth pursuant to law or any other legally binding provisions.

Concept Heidelberg┤s general provisions regarding personal data
The general provisions entail that the Concept Heidelberg GmbH shall at all times process personal data with respect for the person’s integrity and that the Concept Heidelberg GmbH endeavors to handle a person’s personal data with approval from the person concerned. Personal data that may be regarded as sensitive (for instance personal ID numbers) are processed only if there are strong reasons to do so. The Concept Heidelberg GmbH discloses personal data to parties outside the Concept Heidelberg GmbH only where it is clear that the legal conditions for doing so have been met.

Compilation of personal data can normally be visited without personal data or similar information being collected. We then compile only information which is used for statistical purposes and the visitor remains anonymous. Examples of such information are the time of the visit, the length of the visit and which pages were visited.

However, so-called cookies are used in conjunction with visits to (see below). The visitor can also voluntarily provide his or her personal data to Concept Heidelberg GmbH via the web site. Furthermore, Concept Heidelberg GmbH can obtain access to personal data when a person provides his or her data to Concept via letter, e-mail, telephone, etc. or through Concept Heidelberg GmbH obtaining data from public registers, etc.

Concept Heidelberg GmbH compiles personal data only for certain determined purposes. The general purpose is normally to carry out a service (or equivalent) requested by the person in question. Concept Heidelberg GmbH does not process personal data for purposes that are incompatible with the original purpose.

The Concept Heidelberg GmbH endeavors to handle a person’s personal data with approval from the person concerned. Granted consent can at all times be withdrawn. In such case, Concept Heidelberg GmbH will not process personal data further or update previously provided information regarding the person, where consent is a prerequisite for processing of the personal data.

A person who is opposed to personal data being used for DM is entitled to give written notice thereof to Concept Heidelberg GmbH and thereby avoid receiving DM.

In conjunction with all DM, Concept Heidelberg GmbH matches personal data against a register of blocked DM access (by mail, e-mail, telephone or suchlike). E-mail messages contain a link by which it is possible to register that one no longer wishes to receive marketing by e-mail.

Concept Heidelberg GmbH takes technical and organisational measures to protect the personal data that is processed so that the data is not lost, distorted, manipulated or becomes available to unauthorised persons. The measures are aimed at achieving a security level which is sufficiently high, taking into consideration the technical possibilities available.

Concept Heidelberg GmbH does not store personal data any longer than is necessary. Where personal data is no longer required, it is removed. This applies, for instance, where a question has been answered or where a contractual relationship has ceased and the dealings between the parties have been finally settled. In certain special cases, however, the information may need to be saved also thereafter, for instance for statistic or accounting purposes.

Right to obtain information and rectification
Any person is entitled, upon request and free of charge, once a year to obtain information as to the extent to which his or her personal data is processed by Concept Heidelberg GmbH. Where such personal data is to be found at Concept Heidelberg GmbH , the person concerned may, upon request, obtain information as to which personal data is processed, from where it has been obtained, the purpose or purposes for which processing takes place and the party or parties to whom the data is disclosed.

A request for information concerning the processing of personal data must be made in writing by letter and must be signed by the person who requests information regarding his or her data. Concept Heidelberg GmbH sends the answer to the address being registered by Concept Heidelberg GmbH.

Any person is entitled to request rectification, blocking or deletion of personal data which is incorrect or which has been processed in violation of governing law. Concept Heidelberg GmbH is obliged to take such measures.

Concept Heidelberg GmbH uses so-called cookies to enable certain functions on This means that information is transferred between different web pages, for example when a person enters into an agreement or contacts Concept Heidelberg GmbH via the web site. Furthermore, cookies are used to create visitor statistics for the purpose of improving the design of and making it more convenient to visit. In no circumstances does Concept Heidelberg GmbH use cookies to gather information on any individual person.

Any person who does not accept the use of cookies can change the settings in the web browser so that it automatically rejects cookies. However, this may mean that cannot be used to its full extent.

What is a cookie?
A cookie is a small text file that the web site saves on the visitor’s computer. Cookies are used in many web sites to give visitors access to different functions. The information in the cookie makes it possible to follow a visitor’s surfing.

The information on this page applies to Concept Heidelberg GmbH and the web site, unless otherwise stated.

In those cases where this web site contains links to other web sites within or outside the Concept Heidelberg GmbH, the information does not apply to such web sites. Nor is Concept Heidelberg GmbH otherwise responsible for the content of such web sites.

Amendments to the personal data provisions
In the event of amendments to the Concept Heidelberg GmbH's provisions regarding the processing of personal data, such amendments will be announced on this page. The provisions may, for instance, be amended in the event of changes in legislation. Where the processing of personal data is governed by an agreement with the customer, the contract provisions will, however, remain in force until they are amended, unless they are incompatible with law or any other legally binding provision.

Contact – personal data protection officer
Concept Heidelberg GmbH has a personal data protection officer). Queries concerning Concept Heidelberg GmbH's processing of personal data may be submitted to him at info (at)

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