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With the GMP Search Engine, the ECA website offers you a powerful search engine because the GMP Search Engine searches internal GMP databases as well as specially selected websites on the Internet. We have programmed the search engine so that it searches the most important GMP websites, e.g. those of FDA, ICH, EC and PIC. Please enter the keyword (e.g. 'Validation', 'API') and select the search area. As soon as you click 'Start', the relevant websites will be searched. You thus obtain an individual collection of GMP information which you will not get anywhere else.

If FDA has published a new GMP-related comment somewhere on its website, the GMP Search Engine will find this comment, because it searches the GMP-related part of the FDA site.

What is deliberately ignored is that part that deals with topics like food (e.g. FDA and EG DG Enterprise web pages also contain food regulations) or with exclusively sales-oriented information. Thus you get filtered GMP information.

If you are looking for a particular guidance document, just enter a meaningful part of the title, e.g. "Q9" or "Risk Management", since a deviation from the correct title can lead to the desired guideline not being found. Please also leave out the name of the issuing authority (e.g. FDA, EMEA). Example: In case you would like to find the "FDA Guideline for Industry Sterile Drug Products Produced by Aseptic Processing", simply enter "Aseptic Processing".

You can choose between different search areas:


GMP databases

By selecting this field you have the opportunity to search the whole ECA-Website. The whole GMP databases (e.g. news, guidelines, forums) will be included in the search.

FDA Warning Letters

By selecting this field you have the opportunity to search the FDA Warning Letters exclusively. This full text search is not even available on the FDA website itself, for the FDA search engine does not provide a full text search! If you enter e.g. "Validation" you will be shown all Warning Letters in which this term occurs.


This search area includes all GMP-related FDA web pages, such as those of CDER, CBER and ORA.


This search area includes the GMP-related EU web pages (above all EUDRALEX and EG DG Enterprise).


The search is performed on the EMEA website.


The ICH website is searched for the keyword/s.


The PIC/S website is searched for the keyword/s.

Conferences/Webinars Here you will find the right event, e.g. on the topic of validation or microbiology.
Guidelines In this database developed by ECA, you can find all GMP-relevant regulations, guidelines and comments. Most of the documents can be downloaded free of charge from the indicated Internet addresses.
Conference folders Here you can find the documentation of ECA events you have missed. If you are looking for information on GMP topics, like validation, FDA, supplier qualification, aseptic manufacture, choose this search area.
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