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FAQs about ECA



  Q: How can I become a speaker for ECA?

A: ECA invites experts who have profound knowledge in the field of GMP to play an active role at our events as a speaker or workshop leader.

Your benefits:

  • You are part of a selected team of speakers.
  • You get to know the opinion makers from authorities (FDA, EMEA, etc.) and industry.
  • Discuss your compliance approach with colleagues from 45 countries!

The difference!

  • Representatives from industry and authorities are reimbursed for all costs.
    - Flight/train
    - Taxi
    - Hotel etc.
  • As a speaker, you are our guest for the full duration of your stay from the traditional speakers' dinner to the Social Event!

Qualify as an ECA Academy speaker. Send us your suggestions for lectures together with your CV to info (at) gmp-compliance (dot) org.

  Q: Can ECA be compared to organizations like ISPE, PDA and GAMP?

A: ECA sees its own task in collecting the different pieces of GMP information and imparting them e.g. by means of the GMP Navigator CD or education courses. The other organizations offer a different range of services including the elaboration of their own statements and guides in working groups. This is why ECA defines itself as a complement to these reputable societies. So in the ECA education courses, the reports, guidelines and recommendations of all of these organizations are incorporated as well. If possible, active members of these organizations (e.g. heads of different working groups) are invited to ECA events in order to present the results. ECA encourages its own members to play an active role in other interest groups for the pharmaceutical and API industry.

  Q: What is the difference between education course and conference?

A: GMP Education Courses are designed to provide continuous education for GMP professionals in production, quality control, quality assurance, etc. whereas European Conferences are designed as a discussion forum on new trends and developments.

  Q: Can I buy the GMP Navigator CD?

A: Unfortunately not. We are bound to the rules imposed on us by the organizations in order to be allowed to include the different guidelines in the CD. Of course, we have to keep to them so that we may only hand the CDs over free of charge at the ECA events.

  Q: What does ECA have to do with Concept Heidelberg?

A: ECA has entrusted CONCEPT HEIDELBERG with the organization of their events.
CONCEPT HEIDELBERG is a professional institute for vocational training, which organizes, as a market leader, about 240 events per year in the field of GMP Compliance and Regulatory Affairs.
CONCEPT HEIDELBERG also plans seminars for organizations that have no resources for carrying out events. CONCEPT HEIDELBERG also organizes events e.g. for the University of Heidelberg and for Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient Committee a sector group of CEFIC in Brussels.
You will find more about Concept Heidelberg at

  To contact ECA please send an e-mail to info (at) gmp-compliance (dot) org  
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