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GMP eLearning
Learning based on Videos from Pharma and API Operations

More than 300 companies in 30 countries use GMP eLearning in 11 different languages.

Videos from Real Life

Quite frequently eLearning is based on a lot of text and is very theoretical. Contrary to these systems GMP eLearning consistently uses videos that were produced at various pharma companies (as e.g. Boehringer Ingelheim). In total there are more than 25 hours of video/training materials.

Based on real life examples you can see how work needs to be done to be GMP compliant….

........and examples for how GMP problems arise.

You will learn what the reasons are for these arising GMP problems….

… and you will be trained how to behave correctly in the following video.

Applying GMP with Real Life Situations

Videos from real life examples demonstrating GMP situations (as e.g. production processes, cleaning procedures) also facilitate the learning process. Following short video sequences you will need to answer questions. Specifically in the section “Learning” you will need to answer further questions strengthening the learning effect. If your answer is incorrect you will get an explanation why (see example on the right). In the section “Testing” it is tested whether you understood the conveyed contents.

Simple Navigation – Compiling individual Topics/Trainings

The GMP eLearning courses comprise many hours of video materials. From these materials you can either select complete course modules or single chapters.

That way you can train the cleaning staff exclusively with the chapters on cleaning and staff in the warehouse with the specific GMP regulations for their area of responsibility.

Worldwide unique – in 11 Languages!

German . Dutch . Portuguese
English . Danish . Romanian
French . Swedish . Chinese
Spanish . Italian

Automatic Certification Function

Every course is concluded with a test. If you complete the course successfully you will receive a certificate.


The charges are based on the number of participants und the used trainings. The more you train, the cheaper it is. The charges for large training groups are between 30.- and 40.- Euros per participant.

Detailed Information – Contact

The 25 hours of video materials are arranged in 9 courses. More detailed information as well as some example videos are available at

Individuals and groups up to 5 persons can simply register online and start the training on any PC without installation (Internet connection and speakers required).

If you want to train a larger group of colleagues, please use the contact form on the website or send an e-mail to

Our largest customers train more than 2.000 employees with the GMP eLearning System MediaVision.

Simply register online at or send an e-mail to

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