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Product Transfer - Organisation of a GMP-compliant Site Change
Barcelona, Spain
25-27 September 2018
Particles in Parenterals PLUS Pre-Conference Course \"Fundamentals of Visual Inspection & AQL Testing\"
Hamburg, Germany
9-11 October 2018
Particles in Parenterals
Hamburg, Germany
10-11 October 2018
Pre-Conference Course \"Fundamentals of Visual Inspection & AQL Testing\"
Hamburg, Germany
9 October 2018
Continuous Manufacturing - Control Strategies and Best Practices for modern OSD Manufacture
Barcelona, Spain
27-28 November 2018
GMPs for Equipment, Utilities and Facilities
Vienna, Austria
19-21 March 2019
Clean Rooms & HVAC Systems - GMP requirements for planning, qualification & operation
Vienna, Austria
7-8 May 2019
Pharmaceutical Water
Vienna, Austria
7-8 May 2019
Lyophilization 2019 - Includes Workshop at GEA
Cologne, Germany
14-16 May 2019
Efficient Batch Record Design and Review
Vienna, Austria
28-29 May 2019
Reconstruction and Upgrading of GMP Facilities
Vienna, Austria
10-11 September 2019
Granulation & Tableting
Vienna, Austria
10-12 September 2019
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